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Danny Murphy



Danny Murphy is a DJ, producer, live artist & Label Manager based in Barcelona. He has been an electronic music lover from an early age, and influenced by the music of the 80s. Three years ago founded the Tecnove Records label and has enjoyed a huge amount of releases across multiple genres with support from around the world.

In the last years he has also released on labels like Heatflow, Nervous, Natura Viva, Get Funky, Mile End and more, with recent remixes for Redondo, Luca M and NDJK to name a few.
Danny’s music is characterized by different dance sounds ranging from deep to tech and progressive vibes for the bigger rooms.

He is attracted by hardware and new technologies, which he incorporates into his Live set creating a live mix and utilising modulators and FX units. Performances full of strength, a lot of rhythm and a groove that continues to transmit good feelings.

Lots, lots more to come from this guy which makes for an exciting time in EDM.

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