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Nikolay Denisovas, aka D-Noise is a Russian DJ and producer. He began his music career in 2001 in a small Russian town named Tula, where he worked as a DJ in a local club. He started his first music experiments with producing at that time also. A bit later his first EP album “Digital Winter”, produced by an independent label Prakteek, was released. The tracks performed well and received support from many famous DJs; all this strengthened his desire to continue to practice music.

In 2006 D-Noise moved to Moscow where he actively played in clubs and created the reputation of a serious techno DJ. He then went on to release his next EP “Im Heart” on Often Gruven Light. The release was so successful that it was distributed on CDs and got into the repertoire of the Baroque Records label. The key moment in D-Noise’s career was his new acquaintance, the founder of Deepcontrol Records, Sergei aka S Sider. After a series of successful releases D-Noise became the featured artist of the label. In 2011 S Sider offered him to create his own label, which will be a part of Synthytechnicmusic labels. He accepted the offer and started Lumine Records. In 6 months the label released a number of quality and beautiful releases. The work on the label didn’t prevent Nikolai from recording his own tracks.

His works have featured on Bonzai Back Catalogue and Eyepatch Recordings with much more to come.

D-Noise believes that Music is the decoration of our life, which I’m sure we can all agree.

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