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Sia Gee aka. Cee Cee Cox is an Iranian-American/Canadian producer and Dj currently residing out of Toronto. Coming from a studious background, Cee Cee has gone though 8 years of school and ended up with a bachelor degree in Political Science and English literature along with a law degree. Musically, he has been training himself in playing different types of instruments for the past 16 years. Guitar and piano are his main instruments, as he also plays Oud, Sitar, Violin, Cello, Hang Drums, Conga, and Earth Drums.

Even though Cee Cees Musical background comes from Rock and Classical, he has never taken a music lesson other than two piano lessons as a child. His fascination with sound, feel, and instinct has allowed him to transfer his ideas and skills from classical and rock to the ever-growing electronic world. His analogue musical background has definitely influenced his production in the electronic world, and in addition has added a rather new and interesting touch to his music.

He has been actively producing and DJing since 2009 – has released 10 tracks up to now – and is currently awaiting 32 upcoming releases. He is working, or has been working,  with labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Aenaria Tribal, Aenaria Music, Xela Digital, F*** House Music, and Bleep Bloop Records.

As a Dj, Cee Cee Cox has played at some of the biggest events in Toronto including Cherry Beach Labour Day (last day of the summer party), Box of Kittens and Promise Halloween Party, Milkrun W Dandy Jack, Milkrun W Anja Schneider and Sebo K, and much more! His unstoppable hunger and inspiration to make and play music is ongoing.

He states: -I eventually would like to make music that is timeless, instead of having an expiry date!-

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