Brisboys Bonzai Progressive




Belfast DJs John Manning & Ciaran Duffy joined forces in late 2008 having been DJs in their own right for over ten years, playing in clubs and radio stations all over Northern Ireland and beyond.

They had never met until 2007 when they met by chance in Brisbane, Australia. After talking they realized they shared a passion for House Music and realizing they only lived a few miles apart back home in Ireland they made an agreement, that they would keep in contact and start a project when back on home turf, Brisboys was born.

In the short time they have been working together they have already had several number 1 hits on and support for their tracks comes from the likes of Dave Piccioni, Miss Nine, Jesse Voorn, Eric Entrena, Threesixty and Felix Baumgartner to name a few. Their track -Upside Down- was selected for the highly acclaimed Azuli Presents Miami 10 Compilation which is available to buy digitally or on CD, a rarity in this digital age and they also have tracks signed to Presslab Records (Italy), Stampgevaar Digital (UK), Soultech Recordings (UK) , Active Cut Recordings (Brazil) & Atmosfera Recordings (Columbia).

With lots more releases to come from these guys they are definitely one to look out for in the future.

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