Bastiq2ooo Bonzai Progressive




With thirty years of growing age – he urges to write another page
Of wine, literature and sinful dance – ever grateful for the chance
Hardcore, rock goes beating steady – hints and holes are there already
Follow and dissolve to dust – with ecstasy and burning lust..

A cold land from a distant far – he headed for the whiskey jar
Found wisdom buried deep inside – grey old man told him not to hide
Base and paste, learn and borrow – deep dive headlong from the sorrow
Into dreams of breaks and licks – no more of those dirty tricks…

Karma input for these dials – haunted by a thousand smiles
In armor of pure truth and trust – emancipation is a must
Run towards the real salvation – sneak right out of this creation
Raise your sword and find a home – for in this quest you are alone…

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