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I3000 aka Mario is a Belgian DJ and producer, he started into music by accident and has went on to host his own parties alongside his girlfriend in the Namur area not many stories begin in this way but this is one of those exceptions.

Before he became a DJ, Mario was a mountain bike downhill rider. His first musical influences came from the worlds of Hip Hop, Rock n Roll and Heavy Metal. This soon developed into a love for all things EDM and this was to be a big shock for Mario as it was quite different from his earlier experiences with music.

Since then, Mario continues to discover many sounds from the deep to tech house, always with the same desire to share. He plays mainly on the Namur stage influenced by his DJ friends Loulou Players, Olivier Gregoire aka Kolombo, Fafaleroi and has played alongside Bardy, Tofke, Mr Magnetic and Djerom while holding a residency at Radio Studio One.

Now producing under I3000 with a latin background and rhythmics but also with a kind of melancholy.

His first release came in 2012 with “We Like” on Mirabel Recordings and he has kicked off 2013 with much praise and recognition for his debut release on Eyepatch Recordings entitled “Rainy Summer”.

An exceptional talent that will for sure offer up many more quality productions in the years ahead, watch this space.

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