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Serbian DJ and producer Nemanja Petrovic aka Gibbon has been interested in electronic music since he was a child. At just 13 years old he had a desire to learn about DJing and the he quickly mastered the art of mixing soon after. At 18 he was presented with every aspiring DJ’s wish when his parents gave him his own DJ equipment which led to him perfecting his new found craft. The gigs started to flow after this and allowed him to explore all genres of dance music. He settled on Tribal, Progressive and Deep House but also likes some old funky Disco and Disco House.

In 2010 he made his first steps into music production which at the start was more of a hobby. By 2013 he secured his first release on Niraya World with ‘Monkey Business’ which was remixed by a slew of artists and got support from many quarters.

2014 sees Nemanja team up with the Bonzai crew with the prospect of many top quality releases, exciting times ahead and no doubt we will see plenty of music from this rising talent.



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