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Venezuelan DJ and producer Alfredo Mena takes to the BBB decks and delivers a solid mix in his usual superb style. Alfredo appears regularly on our Bonzai Basiks imprint and his last outing Do You Remember, from April 2015, turned a few heads and was well received. The mix today features tracks and remixes from the likes of Guy Gerber, David K, Retrosynco, Fabio Neural, Andrea Bigi, Marius Laurenti, Sydney Charles, Janson, Pig & Don, Horatio, Sean Collier, Phonotrip, Fory Pentadrums, Anna and Luca Morris.

Tracklisting – Episode 266: mixed by Alfredo Mena

1º Guy Gerber & David K Remix – Tourist Trap (Original Mix)
2º Retrosynco – Alpamayo (Original Mix)
3º Fabio Neural – Jasmine (Original Mix)
4º Andrea Bigi & Marius Laurenti – Balescu (Original Mix)
5º Sidney Charles – Cave Rave (Original Mix)
6º Janson – Rove Contact (Original Mix)
7º Celeda – The Underground (Acapella Mix)
8º Pig And Dan – Martians (Original Mix)
9º Horatio – 909 Djs And Freakz (Original Mix)
10º Sean Collier – Bar None (Original Mix)
11º Phonotrip – Pentagrama (Fory Pentadrums Remix)
12º ANNA – Fits Foil (Original Mix)
13º Luca Morris – Play By Play (Original Mix)

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Bonzai All Stars aka Bonzai head honchos Marnik and DJ Fly take control of the ones and twos this week with a trip back in time. These guys are true veterans on the scene and have spent the best part of the last 30 years overseeing the extremely successful Bonzai brand as well as heading up some of Europe’s biggest festivals including Tomorrowland and Legacy festival among others. Today’s mix is a recording from May 2012 in Gesu Church, Brussels, and features some of the most memorable retro tunes around including Turkish Bazaar, The First Rebirth, The House Of God, Universal Nation, Acid Phase, The Age Of Love, Workstation, The House Of House and many more. Time to dust of the oldskool threads and crack a few glow sticks to get the weekend on the move.

Tracklisting – Episode 265: mixed by Bonzai All Stars

1º Emmanuel Top – Turkish Bazaar (Original Mix)
2° Andrea Doria – Bucci Bag (Original Mix)
3° Ecstacy Club – Jesus Loves The Acid (Remix)
4° NIels Van Gogh vs Emilio Verdez – My House Is Your House (Club Mix)
5° DHS – The House of God (Italian Mix)
6° Speedy J – Pull Over (Remix)
7° Public Energy – 303 (Original Mix)
8° Beyond – Bang (Original Mix)
9° DJ One Finger – One Finger (Original Mix)
10° T-Quest – Upiter (Original Mix)
11° Push – Universal Nation (DJ Ghost & Danny C Remix)
12° Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth (DJ Ghost & Danny C Remix)
13° Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase (Original Mix)
14° The Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix)
15° RMB – Love Is An Ocean (Santini & Stephenson Remix)
16° Space Feog featuring The Grim Reaper – (X-Ray) Follow Me (Vocal Version)
17° IFO – Agartha (The City Of Shamballa) (Original Mix)
18° DJ Looney Tune – Workstation (M.I.K.E.’s Energized Remix)
19° Cherrymoon Trax – The House Of House (Original Mix)

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Crocy returns to light up the BBB airwaves this week and yet again we’re in for a real treat with his cool selection of masterful cuts. This guy certainly commands respect from his peers and his back catalogue is testament to this. His last outing on Bonzai Progressive – Mind featuring Ashley Brendt, gained fantastic support from all over and found top spots on many charts. Get your party on with tracks and remixes from Pentatones, Steve Bug, Guy Mantzur, Roy RosenfelD, Monte, Nick Warren, Brett Lawrence, Dave Seamen, Piemont, Cristoph, Matan Caspi, Alfredo Mena and Milos Pesovic.

Tracklisting – Episode 264: mixed by Crocy

1º Pentatones – Karma Game (Steve Bug Retouch)
2º Guy Mantzur & Roy RosenfelD – Epika (Original Mix)
3º Monte – Bubblegum (Original Mix)
4º Guy Mantzur, Nick Warren – Sad Robot (Original Mix)
5º Brett Lawrence – Tear It Up (Original Mix)
6º Dave Seaman – Sparkle Motion (Piemont Remix)
7º Cristoph – Nause (Original Mix)
8º Brett Lawrence – Just Jestin’ (Original Mix)
9º Matan Caspi – Check The Windows (Original Mix)
10º Alfredo Mena – The Secret (Original Mix)
11º Milos Pesovic – Say Something (Original Mix)

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A most welcome return to Bonzai Basik Beats for Airwave, the legend. What can be said about this guy that hasn’t already been said. He continues to inspire with his expertly crafted, unique tracks. He remains committed to his cause of spreading his music to the world while keeping his integrity intact. No wonder he commands an army of fans in every corner of the world. Recently he has revved up a gear with his DJing having travelled the world playing at various gigs and launching the brand new artist mix series In The Mix. During this time he was busy producing quality cuts like his latest offering A Touch Of Grace with its driving, energetic progressive vibe, you can check it out in the mix today. Also featuring in today’s selection is tracks and remixes from Matt Holliday, Phoebus, Alex Vidal, Audio Noir, Phi Phi, Dark Soul Project & Mathov, Blufeld, Chris Oblivion and Satinka. The perfect tonic to kick off the weekend party session.

Tracklisting – Episode 263: mixed by Airwave

1º Airwave – A Touch Of Grace (Original Mix)
2º Matt Holliday – Dactylion (Original Mix)
3º Phoebus – With Out You (Original Mix)
4º Alex Vidal – Distant Lights (Original Mix)
5º Audio Noir – Spaghetti Western (Original Mix)
6º Airwave – Reus Calling (Original Mix)
7º Phi-Phi – Alone (Original Mix)
8º Dark Soul Project & Mathov – Between 2 Sides (Blufeld’s Darkside Remix)
9º Chris Oblivion – You Were Always There (Original Mix)
10º Satinka – The Way of the Ancients (Original Mix)

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Belgian multi-talented artist Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens returns to the decks at Bonzai Basik Beats for another stint, only this time around he is flying solo. Last time out he was joined by fellow producer Matt Holliday and together they rocked the airways, and no doubt Manu will follow suit. Definitely one of Bonzai’s hardest working artists, this guy churns out the quality with every stoke. His latest, in a very long line of releases, is The Fallen EP which is a truly deep and emotional slice of progressive house. There will be new things coming out of Manu’s studio soon and he is currently working on a new album which we are very excited about. The mix today features tracks and remixes from Gai Barone, Moshic, Twins In Mind, Jimmy Galle, Nico Parisi, Philthy Chit and Matt Holliday as well as a whole host of Manu’s own material.

Tracklisting – Episode 262: mixed by Manu Riga

1º Gai Barone – Lullaby (Manu Riga Ethnotic Remix)
2º Manu Riga – No Matter What (Moshic Remix)
3º Twins In Mind – The Nighttime (Manu Riga Progressive Mix)
4º Manu Riga – Time In Between (Original Mix)
5º Jimmy Galle- Chocola (Manu Riga Vanilla Remix)
6º Manu Riga – Cimmerian (Album Mix)
7º Moshic – Do It To Me Now (Manu Riga Prog Trip Remix)
8º Manu Riga & Nico Parisi – Reborn (Gai Barone Tubecore Remix)
9º Manu Riga – Tai Chi Girl (Samotarev Remix)
10º Philthy Chit – You & Me (Manu Riga’s Morning After Remix)

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metrONomes return with another of their super fine mixes for this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow. The guys are regular contributors here and they never fail to disappoint with their wonderfully imaginative and instinctive brand of progressive. On the publishing front they continue to release quality sounds, their latest effort – Mistique on Progrez is testament to the quality they offer. Today’s show consists of 16 excellent tunes from artistss such as Cylinder, John Drummer, Silinder, Marcelo Vasami, Darkployers, Miab, Michael A, Denis A, Rick Pier O’Neil, Mihai Popoviciu, Kintar, SBK, Pan Pot, Vincenzo and two tracks from metrONomes.

Tracklisting – Episode 261: mixed by metrONomes

1º Cylinder – The World Is Watching (Original Mix)
2º John Drummer – My Memory (Original Mix)
3º Silinder – A Doomed Endeavour (Original Mix)
4º Marcelo Vasami – Micro Diamond (Original Mix)
5º Darkployers – Triangulum Galaxy (Original Mix)
6º Miab – Mentality Of A Master (Original Mix)
7º Michael A – Chost Island (Original Mix)
8º Denis A – Black Sun (Original Mix)
9º Rick Pier O’ Neil – Black Sun (Original Mix)
10º Marcelo Vasami – Blow (Original Mix)
11º Metronomes – So/Be (Original Mix)
12º Mihai Popoviciu – Transitions (Original Mix)
13º Kintar – Take My Hand (Original Mix)
14º Metronomes – B Shaw (Original Mix)
15º Sbk – Chicken Loop (Original Mix)
16º Pan Pot & Vivcenzo – Fiction Inc (Original Mix)
17º Rick Pier O’ Neil – Back To The Darkness (Original Mix)

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Belgian DJ and producer Petro Chatzopoulos aka Petri Petro is at the BBB helm for this week’s show and he packs a powerful punch with a full on tech driven mix to get the party heads in the mood. This guy has released no less than four superb tracks on Bonzai Basiks with the latest track – Deflector, proving popular in many sets. The mix today features tracks and remixes from the likes of Bjarki, Lando, Doris Burg, Misoo, John Dezzet, Yoikol, John Kramer, Aumrec, Bary Beck, MDS, Laurent Garnier and three fantastic tracks from Petri himself.

Tracklisting – Episode 260: mixed by Petri Petro

1º Bjarki – Revolution (Original Mix)
2º Lando, Doris Burg – Dimension Sculpture (Original Mix)
3º John Dezzet – Paragraph Box (Misoo Remix)
4º Petri Petro – Protocol (Original Mix)
5º Yoikol – Two Screws (Original Mix)
6º John Krame – Pikes Peak (Original Mix)
7º Petri Petro – Immunity(Original Mix)
8º Aumrec – Berlin Gossip (Original Mix)
9º Gary Beck – Wren (Original Mix)
10º Petri Petro – Side Effect (Original Mix)
11º Mds – Hashtag (Original Mix)
12º Laurent Garnier – Bang (Original Mix)

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Samotarev returns to DJ duty for this week’s BBB show. This guy really knows how to get the progressive juices flowing, not just in the mix, but with his own productions. Over the last few years he has given us a masterclass in the art of deep and groovy prog vibes on our Progrez and Bonzai Progressive imprints. His latest work, Midnight Pinball on BP is performing well and hitting all the right spots in sets across the world. Here we get schooled yet again with trackes and remixes from Batsula, Alfoa, Rasti Tkac, Jacky Monties, Mike Griego, K A Vadi & John Noir, Criss Deeper, Tomin Tomovic, DanSonic, Nicolas Rada and Andres W. The start to your weekend has landed.

Tracklisting – Episode 259: mixed by Samotarev

1º Batsula – ERA (Original Mix)
2º Alfoa – Karma (Rasti Tkac Deep Mix)
3º Jacky Monties – Dance On The Moon (Original Mix)
4º Mike Griego – Misery Ectoplasma (Original Mix)
5º K.A.VADI & John Noir – Your Baby Dancing (Original Mix)
6º Criss Deeper – Dynamique (Original Mix)
7º Tomin Tomovic – Divergence (Original Mix)
8º DanSonic – Rave On (Original Mix)
9º Nicolas Rada – Mephistopheles (Original Mix)
10º Andres W – Losing Touch (Original Mix)

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Jonathan Calvo is up for his debut guest spot on Bonzai Basik Beats with a tantalizing tech fuelled mix to get the party started. Jonathan has seen a number of releases on our Bonzai Basiks imprint and he never fails to deliver the goods. Last time round we saw his A few Girls EP hit the floors running with great support coming in from all angles. Today’s mix serves up top notch cuts from the likes of Dauwd, Alberto Ruiz, Juan Ddd, Macromism, Daniel Trim, Dani Sbert and Fritz Kalkbrenner as well as several select cuts from Jonathan’s own discocraphy.

Tracklisting – Episode 258: mixed by Jonathan Calvo

1º Dauwd – Moety (Original Mix)
2º Jonathan Calvo – Timing (Original Mix)
3º Alberto Ruiz – Alien (Juan Ddd Remix)
4º Jonathan Calvo – Bedford Street (Original Mix)
5º Macromism – What’s Up (Original Mix)
6º Daniel Trim – Asimo (Original Mix)
7º Dani Sbert – Diffusion (Original Mix)
8º Jonathan Calvo – The Instructor (Original Mix)
9º Fritz Kalkbrenner – Kings In Exile (Original Mix)
10º Macromism – Crazy (Original Mix)
11º Jonathan Calvo – Traumatizer (Original Mix)

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Mathov takes the helm this week and delivers another of his superb and captivating mixes. 2014 saw Mathov take off over at Bonzai Progressive as he joined forces with Dark Soul Project. Together they have unleashed some memorable moments with their dark progressive vibes and we have no doubt that this partnership will continue. In the mix today we are treated to some banging tracks from artists such as 16 Bit Lolitas, Guy J, Cid Inc, Seamless Beat, Franz Lehmann, Fractal Architect, Ilic, Rick Pier O’Neill, P-Ben, Adam Beyer, Mladen Tomic and Audio Noir as well as two teaser ID’s from Mathov himself. The perfect guide to get the party started you’ll not want to miss.

Tracklisting – Episode 257: mixed by Mathov

1º 16 Bit Lolitas – Personal Space (Guy J Remix)
2º Cid Inc. – Response (Original Mix)
3º SeamLess Beat & Franz Lehmann – Toward Peace (Original Mix)
4º Mathov – Finding Astaro (Original Mix)
5º Fractal Architecht – Stars Milos (Ilic Remix)
6º Mathov – Insane (Original Mix)
7º Rick Pier O’Neil – Dark Movie (Rpo Part 1)
8º P-Ben – Bubliner (Original Mix)
9º Adam Beyer – The Crossing (Original Mix)
10º Mladen Tomic – Under The Fool Moon (Original Mix)
11º Audio Noir – Solace & Light (Original Mix)

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