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UK based DJ and producer Chris Harris heads up this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats with a superb ride into the progressive abyss. Chris started out as a bass player in a band in 1992 with relative success on the local club scene. He transitioned to DJing and indulged in many genres although his passion was for Trance and Progressive. After a long hiatus he has returned and debuted on our Bonzai Progressive imprint with What’s Left Of Them… which was followed up by Feels Real? In the mix today you can expect top tracks and remixes from Airwave, Astropilot, CJ Art, Audio Noir, John 00 Fleming, JWM, Manu Riga, Parker & Hanson, Matt Holliday, Union Jack and Terra Ferma as well as original material from Chris himself. Get your weekend on the move, you will not be disappointed.

Tracklisting – Episode 238: mixed by Chris Harris

1º Airwave & Astropilot – Particles Of Love (CJ Art Remix)
2º Audio Noir – Transfagarasan Highway (Airwave Remix)
3º John ’00’ Fleming – Finding Ganesha (Original Mix)
4º JWM – Wild Soul (Manu’s Ethnology Remix)
5º Parker & Hanson – Gravity (Original Mix)
6º Matt Holliday – Dactylion (Original Mix)
7º Airwave – Atlas (Album Version)
8º Union Jack – Two Full Moons & A Trout (Terra Ferma Remix)
9º Chris Harris – Feels Real? (Original Mix)

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MetrONomes aka Jon ManimaL and Magros are regular fixtures here at BBB HQ and yet again they provide the goods, in style. With a raft of top quality cuts on various Bonzai labels, it’s no wonder we keep getting these guys back for more. Tracks and remixes from the likes of Sacha Sonido, Sergio Fernandez, Metodi Hristov, Rub A Dub & Ton Def, Gel Abril, Andrea Oliva, Aldo Cadiz, Elias R & Sage Armstrong, Sergio Fernandez and Nnick Curly will be on hand to ensure the dancing bug gets into your system for the weekend ahead.

Tracklisting – Episode 237: mixed by metrONomes

1º Sacha Sonido – It’s Like That (Original Mix)
2º Sergio Fernandez – Clics N Stuff (Original Mix)
3º Metodi Hristov – Burn Around You (Original Mix)
4º Rub A Dub & Ton Def- Reset N React (Original Mix)
5º Gel Abril Andrea Oliva – Scene (Original Mix)
6º Aldo Cadiz – Exes O.S (Original Mix)
7º Elias R & Sage Armstrong – Buggin Me (Original Mix)
8º Rud A Dub – Drum N Roll (Original Mix)
9º Rud A Dub Gallen Syrra (Original Mix)
10º Sacha Sonido – Fiducia (Sergio Fernandez Remix)
11º Nick Curly – Crossroads (Original Mix)

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Alfredo Mena returns for another guest appearance at BBB with his sublime progressive house set. This mix will definitely set the standard for your weekend as we weave in and out of smooth house sounds with jagged progressive edge. Expect some superb tracks and remixes from Luigi Daniell, Romano Alfieri, Joel Mull, Pavel Petrov, Pirupa, Eddie Amador, Ninetoes, Ramiro Lopez, Katcha, Steve Lawler and a selection of Alfredo’s own works will ensure you get those dancing feet shuffling.

Tracklisting – Episode 236: mixed by Alfredo Mena

1º Luigi Daniell & Alfredo Mena – Margarita (Original Mix)
2º Romano Alfieri – I Follow You (Original Mix)
3º Joel Mull – Wind It Up (Original Mix)
4º Pavel Petrov,Shosho – Drama (Original Mix)
5º Pirupa – Get Lost (Original Mix)
6º Eddie Amador – House Music (Robosonic Remix)
7º Ninetoes – Paapaa (Original Mix)
8º Gimme Some More – Alfredo Mena Mash Up
9º Alfredo Mena – La Cartera (Original Mix)
10º Ramiro Lopez – Spirit (Original Mix)
11º Katcha – Touched By God (Peace Division Remix)
12º Steve Lawler – House Record (Original Mix)

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The ever impressive Gai is back at the BBB helm with this week’s guest spot. Gai is something of a stalwart in the progressive house/trance world. His own radio show Patterns remains a firm favourite for many followers due to his excellent track selection. Here he lives up to his usually high standards and delights us with a seamless cruise featuring tracks and remixes from Daniel Camarillo, Robert R. Hardy, Controlwerk, Tuxedo, MNR, Dark Soul Project & Mathov ft. Fe Malefiz, Kintar, Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic, Inkfish, ORogier & Stage Van H, Ewan Rill, Panican Dynamics, Feri, Coskun Yorulmaz, Danilo Ercole, Aerium, Solarstone, Data Rebel and Gai Barone. The party just got started so make sure you tune in and get those party juices flowing.

Tracklisting – Episode 235: mixed by Gai Barone

1º Daniel Camarillo – Button (Robert R. Hardy Dark Therapy Remix)
2º Controlwerk – We Are Faded (Original Mix)
3º Tuxedo – Surreal Dream (MNR Remix)
4º Dark Soul Project & Mathov ft. Fe Malefiz – Ain’t No Melodies Left For Me (Kintar Remix)
5º Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic – Breaking Point (Inkfish Remix)
6º Rogier & Stage Van H – Agora (Ewan Rill Remix)
7º Panican Dynamics – Robogen 2.0 (Feri & Coskun Yorulmaz Remix)
8º Gai Barone  – Stripped (Original Mix)
9º Danilo Ercole – Flash (Original Mix)
10º Aerium – Horizons (Solarstone Retouch)
11º Data Rebel – Plink (Original Mix)

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Returning for his second BBB stint we have Alfonso Muchacho take to the decks this week for a trip across the many faces of progressive house. Judging by his last BBB set we know we’re in for a superb show. Tracks and remixes from the likes of Atapy, MUUI, Rogier & Stage Van H, Chris Raven, Antrim, Simos Tagias, Bog, Alex Vidal, Bobby Deep and Mees Dierdorp as well as choice cuts from Alfonso himself, will ensure the vibe comes alive. The perfect start to your weekend has arrived.

Tracklisting – Episode 234: mixed by Alfonso Muchacho

1º Atapy – In and Out (Original Mix)
2º Alfonso Muchacho – Isolation (Original Mix)
3º MUUI – Polkadot Syndrome (Original Mix)
4º Rogier & Stage Van H – Nightdrive (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)
5º Chris Raven – I Know You Love Me Too (Alfonso Muchacho Rework)
6º Alfonso Muchacho – Orion (Original Mix)
7º Antrim – Metheny (Simos Tagias Remix)
8º Alfonso Muchacho – Change Everything (Original Mix)
9º Atapy, Bog – Despair (Original Mix)
10º Alex Vidal – Solstice (Bobby Deep Remix)
11º Mees Dierdorp – Las Parañas (Original Mix)

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metrONomes return for another spot on Bonzai Basik Beats after their last stint just a couple of weeks ago. The guys pull out all the stops yet again with a sublime deep tech and progressive journey. Tracks and remixes from the likes of Feline Venegas, Demain Muller, Marc Miroir, Mihai Popoviciou, Dan Noel, Slam, Dave Broody, X-Press 2, Chus n Ceballos, Timid Boy, Barem, Meted Hristov, Llario Linurni, Eelke Kleijn, The Deepshakerz and Coyu will get those dancing feet shuffling for your weekend warmup.

Tracklisting – Episode 233: mixed by metrONomes

1º Feline Venegas & Demian Muller – Red Cat (Original Mix)
2º Marc Miroir – Black Amber (Mihai Popoviciou Remix)
3º Dan Noel – Noman 3 (Original Mix)
4º Nicole Moudaber – Road To Transformation (Original Mix)
5º Slam – Remain (Original Mix)
6º Dave Broody – Never Go (Original Mix)
7º X Press 2 – Shakewerk (Chus N Ceballos Remix)
8º Timid Boy – Osiris(Barem Remix)
9º Melody Hristov – Step Outside (Original Mix)
10º Llario Liburni – Biome (Original Mix)
11º Eelke Kleijn – Rauwdouwer (Original Mix)
12º The Deepshakerz – Acid Train(Coyu Remix)
13º Mihai Popoviciu – Transitions (Original Mix)

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UK based DJ and producer Jamie Baggotts joins us for the Bonzai Basik Beats guest spot this week. Jamie marked his Bonzai debut towards the end of 2014 with the outstanding and energetically driven Jerusalem which gained great support from many jocks across the globe. Jamie started out as a Drum n Bass DJ and then made the switch to Trance and Hard Trance, now we know where all that energy comes from. In the mix today we can expect a superb trek into the progressive world with an injection of adrenaline to keep the party pumping. Tracks and remixes from the likes of Stephen J. Kroos, LoQuai, Rogier & Stage Van H-Agora, Ewan Hill, Cream & Deep Fog, Youngen, JWM, Manu Riga, Andy Ling, Relaunch, Rick Pier O’Neil, Airwave, Astropilot and Jamie himself will ensure you get your weekend off to a beat pounding start.

Tracklisting – Episode 232: mixed by Jamie Baggotts

1º Stephen J. Kroos – Etiological (LoQuai Remix)
2º Rogier & Stage Van H – Agora (Ewan Rill Remix)
3º Cream & Deep Fog – Tears Of An Angel (Youngen Remix)
4º JWM – Wild Soul (Manu Riga Ethnology Remix)
5º Andy Ling – Fixation (Relaunch Mix)
6º Jamie Baggotts – Jerusalem (Original Mix)
7º Rick Pier O’Neil – Dark Dancer (Original Mix)
8º Airwave vs. Astropilot – Particles Of Love (Original Mix)
9º Jamie Baggotts – The Voyager (Original Mix)
10º Relaunch – A State Of Full Consciousness (Original Mix)

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